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Terms of Services

Clients and ultimate users of our services agree to comply by the following terms of services.


SinoHosting.net web hosting services must be used for lawful purposes only. Transmission, presentation or storage of any information, data or material in violation of any laws of the United States, Singapore and the People's Republic of China (or any other country involved in the transaction) is prohibited. The client agrees to indemnify and hold harmless SinoHosting.net from any claims resulting from the use of the services which damages the client, SinoHosting.net or any other third party.

Examples of non-accepted material includes but are not limited to copyrighted material, material that is threatening, obscene or possess racial discrimination connotations, material protected by trade secrets, material related to terrorism or other crimes. Examples of non-acceptable contents or links include pirated softwares, illegal MP3s, hacking programs or archives, warez sites, spamming softwares, vip poster, hyip, proxys, adult files and links, online gambling portals etc.

Background Running Programs

We do not allow back-ground running programs and softwares, including any IRC related softwares such as bouncers and bots.

Banned Scripts and System Abuse

The client is free to install and use any scripts if they do not affect the normal operations of the servers. Scripts that are usually known for causing server disruption include large cgi-based message forums, chat programs, auctions and banner exchanges. In case a script is found to affect normal server or administrative operations, SinoHosting.net reserves the right to disable the account pending client cooperation and resolution

Intellectual Property Rights

Unless you receive the express permission of the owner, the client is not allowed to use SinoHosting.net services in a manner that would infringe, violate, dilute or misappropriate copyright laws, trademarks protected by law, trade secrets or any other proprietary information. If you use a domain name in connection with SinoHosting.net, you must not use such domain in violation with any trademarks or other proprietary rights owned by any third party.

China Hosting Requirements

As per existing laws in mainland China, any website hosted on a Chinese server need to apply for an ICP license. We require all China-hosted clients to have this license or apply for one upon setting up an account with us. No website content should be displayed until the ICP license is obtained. If a client uses a China hosted account or server to publish a website without this license, and is later shut down by the authorities, SinoHosting.net does not bear any responsibility and no refund would be provided.

E-mail Spamming

A client may not use any email address provided by or in connection with SinoHosting.net for any unsollicited email activity, including but not limited to spam, flames, mail bombs, unsollicited mass mailing.

Mass Mailing

To ensure the stability of our servers, and avoid potential blacklisting from major mail providers, we do not allow any type of mass mailing from our servers, including newsletters, mailing lists, group mails sent to 50 mail addresses or more simultaneously from the same sending email account. This applies as well to our email hosting plans.


Cancelation notices must be received at least 10 days before account expiration. Clients must make a full backup of their account since canceled hosting accounts will be removed from our servers within 24h. Free domains that come with the canceled hosting accounts can not be renewed or transferred away if the cancelation notice has not been received in due time.

Late Payments

Any account whose payment status is not current as of the start of the next billing period is considered late. Clients are generally given a 10-day grace period, but following the grace period if the payment is not received or the client cannot justify of special circumstances causing the delay, the account will be suspended and considered deliquent. Reactivation of closed accounts incurs a RMB50 reactivation fee as well as payment of the balance in full.


Attempts made by clients to undermine, threaten or cause harm to SinoHosting.net servers, customers, employees, or the company itself, including publish bashing in the press or internet forums, is strictly prohibited and can result in account suspension or termination without refund. Furthermore, we reserve ourselves the right to pursue these matters to the fullest extent of the law.

Free Domains

SinoHosting provides free domains with all its shared hosting packages. These domains are registered on behalf of the customers with third parties domain registrars. To transfer away these domains clients must be in good standing with SinoHosting and not have any oustanding payments due to SinoHosting.

Suspension and Termination of Account

Violations of the Rules and Regulations of SinoHosting.net can result in a warning, suspension or cancellation/termination of account. Accounts terminated due to policy violations will not be refunded. Such accounts backups, as well as domain names (including free domains) will be released to customers after payment of a one-time RMB250 penalty fee (to be paid by wire transfer only).


SinoHosting.net will not be held responsible for any damages your business may suffer while using our hosting services. This includes loss of data or business resulting from delays, system downtime due to maintenance reasons, service interruptions etc.

Although SinoHosting.net makes a weekly backup of all sites hosted on its servers, it cannot accept responsibility for any loss of data or consequences arising from this. SinoHosting.net advises clients to back up their site data regularly for their self-protection. VPS and dedicated servers do not have any backup unless purchased separately by client.

By placing an order through www.sinohosting.net, client acknowledges that he has read and accepted these terms of services

Failure to comply with any of our terms of services will justify immediate account deactivation, suspension or termination

SinoHosting.net, and its parent company Cycom China Limited, reserves the right to modify or update the policies contained in this document, at its own discretion and without notice.

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